I'm enthusiastic about everything that goes from infrasonic to ultrasonic sounds, always trying to listen to the world around me and creatively using sound to create emotions and convey stories when applied to media content as well as music. My good ear allows me to achieve well-balanced mixes as well as creating sounds for any given scenario to deliver content within professional standards.


Born in a little town down in Malaga under the shiny sun of the South of Andalucia (Spain), after studying Audiovisual Communication and having worked in the live music industry, I moved to the UK to live new experiences and to learn English.


Since then, I have been combining studies with random jobs up to last year. Throughout all these years I have gained experience as sound designer/editor/recordist as well as studied a BSc Sound Design course at Edinburgh Napier University and a Masters on Sound for the moving image at Glasgow School of Art.



I am based in Edinburgh. To get in touch, please email me or give me a call and I will be more than happy to discuss your needs :-). I normally respond within 24 hours.